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What is emergence? Imagine being at the beginning of the universe, when there were only photons and particles. Could you even think of a star? Or could you imagine the gases hydrogen and oxygen becoming a liquid, water? When we look back from the present, these things seem just the way things are. But when they first occurred, something completely new was brought into being. The new—star or water—has properties and capacities that the original parts do not have. This process, from which new order arises, is emergence. Emergence brings higher order and complexity to diverse elements. We multi-cellular humans are the walking, talking result of countless emergent processes. What could be next..?

First Prototype 2023-2024

Becoming an emergent dialogue Catalyst is all about transformation. The transformation starts in the first encounter with emergent dialogue where the living field of connection comes alive within you and between us all. Not only does this practice transform you, it enables you to create spaces that open doors to transformation for everyone involved. True transformation is emergent—bringing the diversity and complexity of the known into a new synergistic whole.

Being a Catalyst is not the same as being a group facilitator. Or a space holder. It is a leap beyond to another way of being human together.

emergent dialogue is a practice, not a technique. More an art than a science. As a practice, developing the awareness and capacity to work at the edge of what wants to emerge unfolds with ongoing engagement. The Level 1 emergent dialogue Catalyst Certification can give you the space and time to develop enough of this awareness and capacity to become an agent of the emergent future.

Being a Catalyst means that you develop the capacity to awaken the subtle dimension of interbeing in a collective and to spark a group to new potentials for creative synergy and shared sense-making. You learn to align with the creative impulse that arises from the whole and develop an intuition for synergizing diversity. You will learn to work both implicitly and explicitly with the potential of interbeing—both with groups where speaking of “interbeing” would be uncomfortable and with those that are keen to dive into its potential and explore.

Ideally, the candidate for Catalyst certification would be an experienced facilitator who has successfully completed the Core Modules (or taken the emergent dialogue 6-month Intensive Practice Program offered in 2021-2023). Experienced facilitators are also welcome to join the Summer Training Intensive first, and then take the Core Modules, before committing to the Catalyst Certification Training.

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How do you develop as a Catalyst?

Through repeated and deep exposure to the practice, interbeing becomes more and more your home, your center of gravity. In many ways, the developmental process is simple: discover that interbeing is real and allow the synergistic intelligence that comes from it to teach you. But–easier said than done.

Your path will be unique to you. It will depend on your background, skills, and life experience. However, there is a rough sequence of development that might be helpful in understanding the capacities that come online in the self through intensive practice and training.


  • Grounding in openness
  • An embodied, wholeness-informed presence
  • Trust in the intelligence of that which is beyond one’s self
  • A shift in identification with self and mind to align with interbeing


  • Context-sensitivity to work both implicitly and explicitly
  • Sensitivity to the creative impulse coming through the collective
  • Distinguishing between personal motives and the motive of the whole
  • Big-hearted and humble understanding of the vast process we are part of


  • Transmission of the resonance that opens a group to the field
  • Subtle intuition of the movement of the synergistic intelligence in the group
  • Staying with and relaxing into “what is”
  • Living with the interbeing as teacher

The Certification Training will cover all of these dimensions ongoingly. There is no hard and fast division between these phases. This is only approximately the sequence of development of the capacities to catalyze emergence in a group. The bottom line is trust in the reality and intelligence of interbeing..

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