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Protest is not enough

to respond constructively to the challenges of the present. The crises that shake culture and society, our natural environment and our interpersonal relationships testify to one thing above all - we have forgotten how to really encounter one another and life as a whole.

The transformation that we want in the world

begins with ourselves and in our consciousness. To meet in connectedness in something bigger, to sense surprising possibilities by listening, to move diversity together co-creatively in dialogue, to keep contradictions consciously and openly and to grow with them.

Readers ‘Salons

Our heart beats in dialogue.

The magazine’s impulses flourish in 24 evolve salons in Germany and Austria, right in the middle of life.

Become part of this dialogical movement, in which future co-creatively will be possible!

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Dialogue as subtle activism

Workshops with intensive discussions that make a difference.
evolve LIVE! continues with four new events in spring 2021

Art and spirituality with Joseph Beuys

Online screening of the film about Josef Beuys “Show your wound” followed by evolve Live! Online event via zoom
Impulse Giver:
Dr. Rüdiger Sünner
Dr. Rüdiger Sünner
June 18, 2022
6: 00-7: 30 pm Online film screening of “Show your wound” 7: 30-9: 00 pm evolve Live! Online event via zoom with audience discussion and small dialogue groups
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Democracy as an open dialogue

Can we co-creatively shape our coexistence?
Impulse Giver:
Claudine Nierth, board member of the Verein Mehr Demokratie eV
David Packer, host evolve Salon Linz
David Packer, host evolve Salon Linz
June 21, 2022
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Evolve Live Events

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Inner Development Goals

How do we need to develop – individually and collectively – to create the sustainable world we long for?

Jan Artem Henriksson, Executive Director of the IDG Initiative

Elizabeth Debold, developmental psychologist and editor of evolve Magazine

TIME: Tuesday, October 25 from 18:00-21:00 CET. For you location, please check World Time Buddy.

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In times of digital appropriation - being human in a new data world

Our next conference will take place in November 2021, more information will follow soon.

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