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One World Bearing Witness
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Collective Sense-Making through Dialogue

You are invited to engage in dialogue with the people who are developing the thinking and practices for this time of transition.

Our online events, face-to-face workshops, and conferences are spaces of shared meaning-making where you can sense the emergence of a life-affirming future.

17. March, 17:00 CET

Rewilding Morality through Moral Imaginations

With Phoebe Tickell, biologist, systems thinker and founder of Moral Imaginations, and Dr. Elizabeth Debold, developmental psychologist, co-founder of emergent dialogues and editor of evolve.
Featured speaker:
Phoebe Tickell
biologist, systems thinker and founder of Moral Imaginations
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To respond constructively to the challenges of the present, protest is not enough. The crises that shake culture and society, our natural environment and our interpersonal relationships testify to one thing above all - we have forgotten how to really encounter one another and life as a whole.

The transformation that we want in the world

The transformation that we want in the world begins with ourselves and in our consciousness. To meet in connectedness in something bigger, to sense surprising possibilities by listening, to move diversity together co-creatively in dialogue, to keep contradictions consciously and openly and to grow with them.