We evolve. Together.

Learning to live from interbeing.

Living at the edge of emergence.

An ecology of practices for re-worlding our selves & societies

In this time between times, where the old is in collapse and the new is as yet unknown, our intellectual and individual ways of thinking and being are now part of the problem. We have been born into a world of separation and division. How do we re-connect with our deeper selves, nature, and each other? How do we re-generate a culture that is aligned with the creative power of the cosmos, not determined to tear it apart?

Emergence is how nature creates. Emergence has created stars from clouds of dust and gas. Or water from two gases. Or us—our minds, language, and capacity to create culture. To meet the challenges of our current collapse, it’s not our old ways that will bring us somewhere new. We have to become active, creative agents of emergence.

Current Program offerings:

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Online and In-Person
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Summer Intensive 2024

We evolve provides you with practices of emergence and an ecology of practices that enable you to become a vibrant, living vessel of emergence.

Living awareness of the whole is the source of your transformation

You develop your capacity to sense into the subtle field that is emergent between and through us--interbeing. Through ongoing Emergent Dialogue practice, you learn to work with the intelligence of the field and new capacities of thinking and creating that emerge from our togetherness. Additional programs support you in developing soul-level resilience and deep authenticity.

This work is “wholeness-informed,” enabling you to put down deep roots into our shared interbeing and to develop new capacities of co-consciousness for collective learning. We practice worlding together—out of the intimacy, intelligence, and co-creativity of the field that lives between and within us.

What lights your fire? Are you a firekeeper or a catalyst?

What lights up your heart? Do you want to be a keeper of the sacred flame of Emergent Interbeing? Do you want this fire of love to burn more powerfully, spreading and deepening its ability to leap from heart to heart?

Or are you thrilled by Emergent Dialogue and want to bring it into teams, projects, work, school and anywhere that humans try to think deeply together? Do you want to be a catalyst for the unimagined possible that this dialogue practice opens up?

We evolve offers online introductory courses (4 weeks) and a core module (12 weeks) on Emergent Interbeing. For those who want to tend to the fire, to keep the flame of interbeing growing, we provide a 10-month annual training program that is both online and on location. Admission to the 10-month program is by application only, usually after participating in the Core Modules or an Intro course.

Practices of Emergence

Emergent Interbeing is our most fundamental group practice. Through developing awareness of the subtle field that lives between and through us, an extraordinary potential for intimacy, love, and deep connection unfolds out of our collective presence. The intelligence of the field also ignites new capacities of co-conscious creativity and shared sense-making. While interbeing transcends and includes our uniqueness, it calls us to stand in our individual capacity to choose and to be present as our deepest selves.

Emergent Dialogue is the art of working with the intimacy, insight, and intelligence of the field in collective conversation. Leaning into the creative impulse that arises within our shared interbeing, a powerful synergistic potential opens that allows groups to learn and think together. Rooted in the wholeness of interbeing, polarities and dualities—self and other, masculine and feminine, the one and the many—are held in a creative friction that is generative. Learning to catalyze these collective capacities empowers group leaders to find a new way through conflict and complexity to syngergy and emergence.

You can make a difference

We offer this work as a gift toward the future of a world in dialogue. We seek to network people, like you, with the change-makers, spiritual leaders, and activists who see that changing human consciousness is a foundation for deeper cultural change. We are very grateful for your support—we cannot do this without you!