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YOU ARE INVITED to participate in an enlivening inquiry into the pressing (and daunting) questions of our times in our live, online evolve Salon.

The Salon will meet the third Thursday of each month, beginning at 19:00 Central Europe Time (and lasting about 90 minutes).

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What is evolve Magazine?

evolve is a German-language quarterly print magazine that explores the frontier of consciousness and culture. Known and respected in both the Integral and metamodern scenes, the magazine brings together in dialogue new and diverse views on the pages of the magazine and in live salons held in nearly 30 locations in German-speaking countries. evolve tracks culture changing movements, memes, innovations, projects, and people. The magazine seeks to open up inquiry into the root causes in human consciousness of the crises and potentials of our time.

evolve content now in English...

With the creation of the new web platform, evolve World, content from the magazine will be made available in English. Many of the interviews printed in the magazine start out in English–given that evolve seeks out the most interesting and innovative people and projects from across the globe and English is often a language they speak.

For the online English evolve Salon, you will be given PDFs or links to the original English interviews and articles (before they were translated into German). About one-third to one-half of each magazine issue begins in English. We are very happy to be able to share this provocative and inspiring material with you.
We kick off our next evolve salon season with a new issue. For Summer we have a topic that’s all about Landmarks of a Culture of Consciousness.

It is easy to wish for a new culture in which awareness and depth play a leading role. But how do we achieve such a culture? Our sense of wholeness plays an essential role when we try to leave the fragmentation of our time behind us. It is not without reason that many spiritual activists today speak of our ability to interbeing. Interbeing means a new aliveness in inseparability for which there are no blueprints yet.

This is precisely why our imagination is particularly in demand here. What can our life on this planet look like if we bring powerful images of togetherness into the world?

Topic: On the brink - from us Humans to Artificial Intelligence (Auf der KIppe – von uns Menschen zur künstlichen Intelligenz)

Artificial Intelligence will shape our future. But how it will do this also depends on us. Will it take over our minds or will we succeed in forging a new partnership? The world is on the brink and it is not technology, but our understanding of wisdom that will give us the key to dealing with this challenge. Therefore investigating the potentials and possible threats of AI brings us also to the question of how we manage to keep the sacred alive in a world that’s driven more and more by technology. These are big questions that we would like to explore together with you in the upcoming evolve Salons.

Salon July 18
The next two articles from our issue on Artificial Intelligence are confronting ones. Daniel Schmachtenberger has intensively analyzed the meta-crisis in which we find ourselves. In his eyes, the rapid development of artificial intelligence could exacerbate the complex interactions of ecological, social, political and spiritual crises. Despite the increasing risk of catastrophic events, he also sees hope that the use of AI does not have to culminate in self-destruction and external control. Elizabeth Debold expands on these hopes in her article on Moloch, an ancient Phoenician deity to whom children were sacrificed. She says: "Moloch is a way of raising awareness of the destructive forces in which we humans are trapped." Moloch is the great antithesis of human love and care. What if we were to place these more strongly at the centre of our interactions again?

Salon August 15
The last articles from our issue on Artificial Intelligence open the horizon by some really surprising insights. Why not simply meet artificial intelligence with human consciousness for real? Srinija Srinivasan and Soryu Forall both appreciate the possibilities of AI and are looking for ways in which we can work constructively with it. With the members of his Monastic Academy, Forall is attempting nothing more and nothing less than to offer AI a space in which it can mature spiritually. He believes that ultimately it can be our attention that makes the difference in how our future coexistence with artificial intelligence will look.

Your Salon Hosts...

We are lucky to have two hosts for these online virtual salons: Diana Spiegel and Denise Mueller. Both are located in the US–Diana in Ohio and Denise in California.

They are not there to provide answers or to dictate how to engage together. They do, however, have experience in deepening dialogue and bringing the space between us alive with synergy.
Diana Spiegel

Diana Spiegel

Diana Spiegel

Denise Mueller